Journal Club Presentations

Continuous learning is a core value at Vincere. Below are video recordings of recent journal club discussions and we invite you to join us at future events by subscribing here:
Transcriptional and epigenetic decoding of the...
Presenter: Andy Lee, Co-founder Vincere Biosciences
Mitochondria are secreted in extracellular vesicles...
Presenter: Dr. Asa Gustafsson, Professor UC San Diego
Enhanced presynaptic mitochondrial energy product...
Presenter: Dr. Yonghak Seo, Scientist Vincere Biosciences
P53 and Parkin co-regulate mitophagy in bone marrow mes...
Presenter: Kayla Wright, Technician Vincere Biosciences


Can We Visualize Mitophagy?
The Significance Of A Parkinson's Technology Platform
Are Mitochondria Central to Long COVID?
How Does Space Travel Affect Astronauts?


What is mitophagy?
Vincere's Technology Platform