Spring Behrouz There is no greater need in the world than extending human healthspan and as the human population ages, age-related diseases will become an unsustainable problem for humanity. Every member of the team is passionate about this cause, bringing decades of biology, technology, and drug discovery expertise to the fight.
Spring Behrouz Chief Executive Officer

Unmet Need

Vincere is addressing a large unmet need with 10 million Parkinson's patients worldwide. 90% of pharma are seeking to in-license assets and IND stage acquisitions are valued at an average of $400M. Vincere could reach IND within 3-4 years.


Vincere was awarded a $1M grant from the Michael J Fox Foundation and expects to achieve milestones to close a VC A-round within 6-9 months.


Our team of CNS drug discovery experts has built a pipeline with multiple shots on goal leveraging proprietary simulation/AI for rapid advancement from: